Ofsted, 2018:

"Safeguarding is effective. Staff and management are clear about the procedures to follow should they have any concerns about a child's welfare. They are knowledgeable about the indicators that may alert them to any child protection issues."

A picture of our main drive leading to our reception.

A register is kept for children showing each child's full details, medical information and emergency contact numbers. All staff are trained in First Aid. No child may attend when seriously ill or suffering from an infectious illness.

We have regular health and safety audits conducted by an external safety adviser. In addition all staff are trained to carry out health and safety assessments before carrying out any activity.

The design and layout of the building and site provides excellent security and it is not easy for strangers to be on site without being observed.

The grounds, including the car-park, are all in sight of the nursery. Access to the nursery building is by a security-controlled door and children in the outdoor play areas are supervised at all times.

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