Spring is well under way now and although recently the weather seems to have forgotten that and continued in winter mode, the children have not let it stop them getting out and about. There has been a lot of activity in the vegetable garden over the last few weeks and Badgers especially have got ahead of the game with their planting. Cunningly they sowed some of their vegetable seeds in the classroom to give them a head start before they planted them out. Damned clever these pre-schoolers, don’t you know


Meanwhile, indoors there have been quite a few events to get involved in so far this year including the Chinese New Year, World Book Day and Easter. For Mother’s Day we invited all the mums into the nursery to join us for a special breakfast and this proved very popular. Dads get their turn later in the year. Of course, there is usually some food involved somewhere in these celebrations so to help chef out our older children have been despatched to the local supermarket to shop for ingredients. They have not been quite as quick through the tills as perhaps the staff might prefer, but being very thorough the children have to check the addition to make sure no mistakes are made.


As we move towards summer, we have other events for the children to get involved in: there’s the Coronation (how are your tiara making skills?), Father’s Day Breakfast, Sports Day and Teddy Bear’s Picnic. So let’s hope that the sun comes out and that the grass is nice an dry for the processions, races and the picnic blankets.

Child with watering can
Children waterplay
Children planting
Child planting