Santa Surprise Donations for CALM

We are well into January but it's not too late to mention our Christmas fund-raising from Santa Surprise which made £157.50 for CALM, the cancer and Leukemia Movement. This is a local charity which helps families of children with cancer and leukemia. In addition to providing support, comfort and advice it helps with accommodation when children are in treatment centres far from home and it makes holiday homes available for children recovering from treatment.

A big thank-you to all our parents and carers for your continued support of our fundraising.  Donations made to our clothes recycling bank also go to CALM, so when you are clearing out your old clothes – don’t forget to bring them to nursery and pop them in the rag bank. In the last three years Learning Curve has raised £1,518 for CALM, the Cancer and Leukemia Movement.  Alan has also raised a further £2,770 from his walk from Bournemouth to Berwick and is planning to complete the last stage later this year when he has recovered from his foot operation.